Splash Pad Grand Opening Success

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Thanks for coming out on Saturday April, 28th for The Great American Cleanup and the Grand Opening of the new City Park Splash Pad!


Residents showed up at 9:00AM for the Great American Cleanup in the Crescent City Park and on Main Street. Subway generously provided refreshments for workers who were successful in picking up more than a dozen large bags of trash.

Starting at noon, the Splash Pad Grand Opening festivities kicked off with live music on the City Park Stage by the super talented and very entertaining group, Badlands Collier. Randy Collier and his crew played a great mix of country and classic rock hits.


The Fire Department gave out grilled hot dogs, chips and sodas provided by the city. 74 Snow was at the celebration selling snow cones. The Crescent Police, Fire and Public Works Departments, along with Miller EMS, The Logan County Sheriff, and Air Evac 131 out of Kingfisher all had vehicles on display in a Touch-The-Truck event for the kids and adults alike.


The Sheriff’s MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle and Air Evac’s Air Ambulance Helicopter were special treats.


At 1:00PM, City Manager Janet Smith said a few words and City Council Member Mac Blevins cut the ribbon officially opening the Splash Pad.


The City Park Splash Pad was an instant hit with the kids and there were a few adults who braved the cold water and enjoyed the variety of water features. Once the kids figured out how the pedestal switch works (pressing down turns on a 4 minute cycle) they were hovering over it for a chance to turn on the water works!


 It was fun to watch, and the kids excitement was infectious. Its was a day of smiles and a bright spot for Crescent. Many folks were talking about how much fun the park will be this July 4th!


With the splash pad the city has installed the first and biggest park feature, and is now asking for your help! The city has a plan for more equipment that will further improve the park by providing shade, seating, restrooms, parking and more! F&M Bank shares the City’s vision for the park and has graciously agreed to match any citizens donations up to $25,000.00. That means for every dollar you contribute, the city will be able to make twice the impact. Currently, more than $5,000 of citizen donations have been received, and the city is more than 20% of the way toward achieving its vision for your park. If you can help out, please do! Donations can be made at city hall, or at F&M bank. Just let the clerk or teller know you’d like to donate to the park project and they will know what to do.


Hey….Where’s the New Pool??

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One of the questions we get asked often at city hall is, “Where is the new pool?” or “Why can’t we just reopen the old City Pool?”

We wish we could tell everyone that the pool will be open tomorrow, or the picture of the beautiful pool that is heading this article is on the way!  The truth is, we simply can’t afford it right now.  If you’re like me, you might not realize just how expensive a public pool actually is.  It’s really nothing like having a pool installed at your house.  In Oklahoma, public pools are regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, and requires the owner to obtain an operational license and comply with many design, operational and safety provisions.  If you’re interested, surf over to www.ok.gov and search “public bathing places” or just click the link below.

The City ran into compliance issues season after season, and finally was just unable to comply with the rules, without a major overhaul of our existing pool.  The City Council was well aware of the citizens feelings about having a pool, and contacted a contractor, SGS, who came out in June of 2015 to meet with Mayor Greg Cummings, and to inspect the pool.  After the meeting, their recommendation was it would be cheaper to build brand new, than to bring the existing pool into compliance with current regulations.  They went on to quote the projected cost for building a new pool, and the structures necessary to comply with State codes.  The initial quote was for $1,528,000.00.  I was given permission to attach the quote so you can have a look.

When City Manager, Janet Smith took over in Fall 2015, the City Council let her know how important a pool was to the citizens of Crescent, but she was also facing significant water and sewer projects that were critical for the City to be able to deliver services to residents.  In 2016 she reached out to Paddock Enterprises, the company that originally built the existing city pool.  Paddock came out and assessed the condition of the existing pool and came to the same conclusion as SGS the previous year….cheaper to start over than bring the existing pool into compliance with current codes.  They would not provide an estimate without the city engaging them (paying) for initial planning work, and then locking into a 3 year agreement to build or surrender all design and engineering work.  The initial document doesn’t show costs, but City Manager Smith told me Donald Paddock indicated the quote from SGS was in-line with that the city should expect for construction costs.  Janet took the information back to The City Council, where it was discussed.   As much as residents would like to have a pool, and as much as the city would like to provide them with one…the cost is simply too much for the city to bear at this time.  So now what?

In an effort to provide residents with some relief from the Oklahoma heat, The City Council asked the Manager to research a Splash Pad as an option that the city could afford.  After careful planning, and several quotes, a vendor was selected and the project was voted on by the City Council.  The Council elected to push forward and build The City Park Splash Pad.  The Splash Pad project was recently completed on time, and on budget at less than 1/10 the cost of a pool!  The Splash Pad uses treated fresh water, and the waste water runs into the newly renovated sewer system and helps to improve the city sewage processing capability. All in all, it’s a win for the residents of Crescent!

The City Park Splash Pad is now complete and if you drive by the park today, you’ll see City workers out testing the system, getting ready for the Grand Opening on Saturday April, 28.  Come on out and celebrate with the City workers, Police and Fire Departments, Miller Ambulance Service and invited vendors.  Activities begin at Noon, after the Great American Cleanup Saturday morning.  We hope to see you out there, and hope you will enjoy cooling off this summer in the Splash Pad!

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