Testing DuraPatch Repair Method

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The City is researching better, more cost effective methods of repairing the streets.

In the first step, the hole is blown clean, removing dirt and debris and any loose failing asphalt.

Next, a layer I’d asphalt emulsion is sprayed into the hole, bonding the repair to the existing asphalt. Then a layer of asphalt emulsion and 3/8” chip is blown into the hole.

In the last step, a layer of dry chip is blown over the repair, to prevent vehicles from picking up the coated chips. In time, the emulsion will migrate upwards and envelop these chips.

A 2 man crew can repair more holes in a day, than a four man crew with cold patch, at 1/2 the cost. If the repairs hold up as well as the seller advertises, it will be an easy decision.

Here is the DuraPatch machine. There are hundreds of these machines in service in Oklahoma. This machine sells new for $65k, but a used machine for 1/3 the price would be appropriate for Crescent.

City Managers Report – October

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October 9, 2018
City Manager’s Report

Admin: Sales Tax Report. (Aug 2018, $41,834.62) We have ended yet another fiscal period with a small budget surplus. In total Revenues collected are 0.7% less than budgeted and Expenses are 2.0% less than planned. I applaud all our employees for exercising discretion when making financial requests. Seldom do I have to decline requested items….staff recognizes the importance of tight financial control. This month, our City Clerk worked with our CPA firm to provide financial information for the routine end of fiscal year audit.

Online bill pay is available to all residents, and utilization is growing faster than I predicted. Residents are actively paying their invoices for city services online. Many have opted to receive electronic bills, however, paper bills will still be available for residents who do not want to receive them electronically.
New skid steer has arrived…the vendor returned the old one and issued full credit toward the replacement.

The Preventative Maintenance project is progressing. The online repository will allow new employees to learn more effectively. The online resource will also house manuals, diagrams and other supporting materials. This month the PWA completed 9 additional Preventative Maintenance Schedules.
The ACOG REAP grants ae due 10/31/18. I have asked Darci Terrell to assist.
Surplus property website is online, surplus property will continue to be added as time permits.
The School project is progressing. We met with Kerr 3 Architectural group and IBTS, to discuss the inspections for the project. Kerr Group is very impressed with the plan in place to provide inspection services throughout the construction.
The City passed an ODOC audit for the grant funds received for the generators at the water wells.
The Safe Routes To School Project is progressing nicely. The primary construction is nearly completed. Still pending are the pavement marking, signs, lights. I have been working with Bart to plan the spending of the education component of the grant.

Mowing: The city is continuing to mow image and infrastructure properties, and is surprised to see the growing season progressing so late into the year. The mowing team is now equipped with a small trailer to tow behind a mower increasing efficiency. Response from the public continues to be positive.

Roads: Continuing to use inmate labor to improve the roads. Due to rain, we have seen delays on our weekly maintenance goals. We will continue to prioritize the roads and make progress on repairs. We installed approximately 30 tons of asphalt in the last month.

Wastewater: The lift station grinder is back in service. The maintenance tech informed us that Haynes had decided to shoulder the cost, although there was some debate as to the cause of the issue. They believe that deferred maintenance was a contributing factor. I pointed out that vibration caused by a field installed drive shaft extension could also be to blame. In the future, The City needs to increase maintenance to the device. The lift station at the Community Center failed 2 weeks ago. I was able to effect a repair, and order parts for a more permanent solution. I would like to add that lift station to our SCADA system for better monitoring. High cost will prohibit that expense in this budget cycle.

Fresh Water: Inspections passed. Standpipe final inspection is scheduled for Thursday, October 11. This month we moved four residential services and a fire hydrant on Broadway to a new service main.

Library: Operating smoothly. We are considering increasing Library operating hours to accommodate public demand. Proposed hours are: M&W 10-4, Tu&Th 10-6, F 11-2. We may be able to further extend operating hours using volunteer staffing. The library added a Fax machine…services for sale to the public.

City Managers Report – September

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September 11, 2018


City Manager’s Report



Admin:                We have ended another fiscal period with a small budget surplus.  Our City Clerk, Trina, has been continuing to work with our CPA to make adjustments that insure the books accurately depict our financial position.


Projects:             Online bill pay for water bills is complete and available to all residents.  Residents are able to receive their invoices electronically via email and pay for city services online.  As always, paper bills will still be available for residents who do not want electronic statements.

The Preventative Maintenance project is well underway.  There is a new form that allows PWA workers to complete information about their jobs, to as to record the knowledge into an online repository that will allow new employees to learn more effectively.  The online resource will also house manuals, diagrams and other supporting materials.

REAP grant application has been submitted to OWRB for the water meter project.  ACOG REAP grants are still pending for the remaining 4 grant applications.

Surplus property website is online, surplus property will continue to be added as time permits.  www.cityofcrescent.com/auction

The School project is preparing to start.  They have asked the City to perform necessary building inspections.  Our contract building inspection service, IBTS, will perform the necessary inspections for the project.  Cost will be covered by the permit inspection fees.


Mowing:             The city is continuing an aggressive mowing program on the city image properties.  Mowing and weed eating the city infrastructure properties including, lift station, lagoons, fresh water wells.  Response from the public continues to be positive.


Roads:                 Continuing to use inmate labor to improve the roads.  Due to rain, we have seen delays on our weekly maintenance goals.  We will continue to prioritize the roads and make progress on repairs.


Wastewater:      The lift station grinder remains out of service.  Haynes is waiting on parts from the manufacturer before they can repair and reinstall it.  We returned the Ultrasonic sewer survey equipment to ACOG.  We completed the survey on the West side of town, but did not have the time/personnel to complete the rest of the town.  ACOG is allowing other towns to use the equipment, but will allow us a second loan when we are ready for it.  The pivot continues to need constant maintenance to keep it operational.  The city will need to have an irrigation contractor evaluate it for repair or replacement.


Fresh Water:      Inspections passed.  Waiting for the final inspection and signoff of the water standpipe.  Several minor defects have been identified but the contractor believes they have been corrected at this time.  Four residential services and a fire hydrant on Broadway are currently being moved to the new service main.  Well 1 remains offline.  ACOG can provide a subterranean survey to help the City determine if re-drilling the current well or drilling and moving the pump is the best option.

Active leaks (2):               718 W. Van Buren

313 E. Maple


Repaired Leaks (13):       415 W. Van Buren

North east corner of Adams 323 S. Walnut

309 W. Jackson

307 W. Adams

211 W. Adams

121 W. Adams

112 W. Adams on Washington across the street from CE&L

218 E. Washington

324 N. Oak

319 S. Locust

Sanderson @ nursing home

Grand in front of liquor store

708 E. Washington


Library:               Operating smoothly.  Last “Movie in the Park” event of the season was moved to the community center because of weather.  Might need to re-evaluate the license next year.

Online Utility Bill Payments

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From your computer…

From your mobile device…

Folks have been asking for a way to pay their utility bills using credit and debit cards.  We are excited to announce online utility bill payments are now available.  Simply select the bill pay logo from the top navigation menu on the website from your computer or phone and select the link to continue on to the secure payment portal.  You will be asked for your account number (available on your utility bill, or call the water clerk at (405) 969-2538 X2) and your name and email address.  After you register, payments can be made online in just a few simple steps.  You are also encouraged to signup for eBills so you will receive your utility bill online, and be able to view past statements and print them, if necessary.  You are also able to download a free mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to make your bill pay even easier.  You can pay your current bill or schedule automatic future payments.  All electronic payments are subject to a $2.99 convenience fee, charged by our payment processor, Payment Service Network.

As always, you are still welcome to pay your bill at the city hall counter or drive thru window.

Give it a try….let me know what you think.

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