Severe Weather Season

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As you're probably aware, we are in the season of severe weather time here in Oklahoma.

This post is intended to provide our citizens with valuable information in case of a severe weather threat.  Please stay weather aware when the chance of severe weather exists.


The City of Crescent encourage all residents to have a plan of action in place during potential severe weather events. Important supplies such as battery-operated radios, flashlights, and bottled water should be quickly accessible, or already placed in your safe location. In the case of a tornado, remember the safest place to be if you do not have a storm shelter, is in the centermost room on the bottom floor of your house, that has no windows. This could be a closet, bathroom, or pantry if it will fit everyone. It is also advisable to take with you blankets and or a bed mattress to protect you from falling and flying debris.
If you have a storm cellar and have not registered it with our fire department, please remember to do so as soon as possible. This will allow us a list of locations to check in the event of a catastrophic event.  We'll provide a link at the end of this article.


If a threat of an imminent Tornado to our area occurs, the tornado siren will sound for 3-5 minutes as soon as the threat is reported. At this time, citizens are advised to take emergency precautions immediately.


Please note that the Crescent City Hall is NOT a public shelter. We ask that you do not attempt to enter city hall in the event of catastrophic weather.
The High School Library will only be open as a public shelter when school is not in session. During school hours, this shelter is reserved for students and faculty only. If you plan to seek shelter there, please keep several things in mind.


1. Do not wait until the last minute. If you plan on seeking shelter at this location, do not wait until the sirens have sounded or the storm is nearby. The last place you want to be in the event of a tornado is in a motor vehicle or on foot.

2. The Shelter is for human use only. Do not bring pets and or livestock.

3. Please remember to be courteous should you need to seek shelter there as it may be quite full of people.



Author: Jason Wiebelt / Dave Andren

Splash Pad Grand Opening Success

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Thanks for coming out on Saturday April, 28th for The Great American Cleanup and the Grand Opening of the new City Park Splash Pad!


Residents showed up at 9:00AM for the Great American Cleanup in the Crescent City Park and on Main Street. Subway generously provided refreshments for workers who were successful in picking up more than a dozen large bags of trash.

Starting at noon, the Splash Pad Grand Opening festivities kicked off with live music on the City Park Stage by the super talented and very entertaining group, Badlands Collier. Randy Collier and his crew played a great mix of country and classic rock hits.


The Fire Department gave out grilled hot dogs, chips and sodas provided by the city. 74 Snow was at the celebration selling snow cones. The Crescent Police, Fire and Public Works Departments, along with Miller EMS, The Logan County Sheriff, and Air Evac 131 out of Kingfisher all had vehicles on display in a Touch-The-Truck event for the kids and adults alike.


The Sheriff’s MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle and Air Evac’s Air Ambulance Helicopter were special treats.


At 1:00PM, City Manager Janet Smith said a few words and City Council Member Mac Blevins cut the ribbon officially opening the Splash Pad.


The City Park Splash Pad was an instant hit with the kids and there were a few adults who braved the cold water and enjoyed the variety of water features. Once the kids figured out how the pedestal switch works (pressing down turns on a 4 minute cycle) they were hovering over it for a chance to turn on the water works!


 It was fun to watch, and the kids excitement was infectious. Its was a day of smiles and a bright spot for Crescent. Many folks were talking about how much fun the park will be this July 4th!


With the splash pad the city has installed the first and biggest park feature, and is now asking for your help! The city has a plan for more equipment that will further improve the park by providing shade, seating, restrooms, parking and more! F&M Bank shares the City’s vision for the park and has graciously agreed to match any citizens donations up to $25,000.00. That means for every dollar you contribute, the city will be able to make twice the impact. Currently, more than $5,000 of citizen donations have been received, and the city is more than 20% of the way toward achieving its vision for your park. If you can help out, please do! Donations can be made at city hall, or at F&M bank. Just let the clerk or teller know you’d like to donate to the park project and they will know what to do.


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