Boil Order Lifted


We received clear tests and DEQ has decided to lift the boil order. The water is safe for all uses. The City has decided to run higher that normal chlorine levels for the remainder of the time we are working on rehabilitating the clearwell and installing the new water meters.

Thank you all for your patience. In the spirit of transparency, and to help residents understand what may have gone wrong, I will be publishing all test and inspection results from DEQ here in the coming days.

Also, as a lesson learned from this experience, we are asking the SCADA contractor to add real-time chlorine monitoring to our water system computer. If possible, I may start delivering real time chlorine and pressure data to residents on our website.


Thank you


Boil Order

While working to upgrade our water system we had a failure of the system that chlorinates our water. We had our water tested and the test results showed bacteria in our water. We replaced the faulty component and restored chlorine to our system, and then flushed the water lines to insure sanitized water was available to every home. We will retest our water tomorrow morning. The testing procedure takes, at minimum, 24 hours. To ensure your safety, we are recommending you boil your water or drink bottled water until further notice. I have included an information sheet provided by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality that discusses how to boil your water and when to use and not to use boiled water. If you have any questions, you can call the City of Crescent at (405) 310-8200 or the Department of Environmental Quality at 800-426-4791

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