City Managers Report

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July 10, 2018

Administration: The City Clerk is working on end of the fiscal year, requiring training from our software vendor, CIC. Crawford & Associates (CPA firm) will continue to be a resource for our City Clerk, to improve our accounting accuracy and minimize the work required at the end of the next fiscal year.

Projects: A water leak in community center has caused damage. I’m evaluating the damage to determine if the repair is worth reporting to our insurance carrier, OMAG, or correcting directly. The tornado siren at SW corner of ballfield is not functional and needs repair. The pool demo project was completed under budget.

Mowing: Aggressively mowing the properties. Request input from council about mowing on the periphery of town. Would council like more mowing for increased image or minimum mowing to reduce costs and time?

Roads: Currently using inmate labor to improve the roads. County Commissioner, Monty Pearcy has offered free use of their asphalt roller when available to improve job quality. Spending $700/day in asphalt while repairing roads. Currently working around the park, radiating outward thru the city.

Wastewater: DEQ showed up for a spot inspection at the end of last month. The inspector informed me of many infractions that we could be written up for, but decided to extend some grace in hopes the city would correct the deficiencies. Since that time I’ve worked diligently to begin the process of addressing concerns and using the opportunity to build a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule for the city infrastructure. Cardinal Engineering agreed to come give us an evaluation of our current system (at no cost) to help us determine the economic lifespan of the lagoons and help to determine a path forward. In essence, their finding are that most of our issues are caused by poor maintenance. They suggested that an aggressive maintenance schedule will correct or dramatically alleviate most issues. They further suggested if DEQ wants more evaluation, a bathometric study would be the lowest cost test which would reveal the health of our wastewater infrastructure. They believe (based on design prints) that the lagoons are unusually deep which also works to our benefit. The pivot needs one pump repaired or replaced. I have a supplier coming on Thursday to evaluate the pump. The farmer who cuts hay at the lagoons contract is up this year, and would like to renew. I have had other people request an opportunity to hay that property as well. The city is also considering a suggestion to partner with a sod farm, to use the property for that purpose. We need to evaluate the cost associated and identify a partner before we know if the idea is strong.

Fresh Water: I’ve been in contact with Cardinal and also Gerrard Steel. Gerrard is planning on completing the work on the new stand pipe by the end of the week. They have suggested that if all goes well, the stand pipe would be sanitized and we may begin filling the stand pipe as early as next week. After the stand pipe is filled, there is a process of water tests that need to be completed before the stand pipe is connected to the city service.