Testing DuraPatch Repair Method

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The City is researching better, more cost effective methods of repairing the streets.

In the first step, the hole is blown clean, removing dirt and debris and any loose failing asphalt.

Next, a layer I’d asphalt emulsion is sprayed into the hole, bonding the repair to the existing asphalt. Then a layer of asphalt emulsion and 3/8” chip is blown into the hole.

In the last step, a layer of dry chip is blown over the repair, to prevent vehicles from picking up the coated chips. In time, the emulsion will migrate upwards and envelop these chips.

A 2 man crew can repair more holes in a day, than a four man crew with cold patch, at 1/2 the cost. If the repairs hold up as well as the seller advertises, it will be an easy decision.

Here is the DuraPatch machine. There are hundreds of these machines in service in Oklahoma. This machine sells new for $65k, but a used machine for 1/3 the price would be appropriate for Crescent.